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 Red Cedar Cants. This is a semi load or red cedar cants going to market. They are all number 1 cedar cants with no rot and very little bark. The price range is from 850/MBF to 1050/MBF FOB our Yard. We  also run resaws to cut the cants down to usable sizes, to order call 870-749-2091 or email us Red cedar logs. We buy and sell red cedar logs for sawmilling and export, the price range will vary on red cedar logs on scale. the logs are from 6" to 24' across. Cedar Lumber we will have a little on stock. most of our red cedar is  red cedar cants, it is faster and easer to cut. We sell as little as 40 feet sent UPS to 12500 feet on semi in USA and the world. We have been exporting for 26 years, any thing from red cedar cants, limber and logs, if we can help you in any way just let us know. more cedar for a better word.

Call To Order 870-749-2091 or Email Us

The  red cedar logs all come from the hills, holler, stream beds from all over the ozarks. red cedar is hard to log. it takes a lot of extra work and is not the safest logging to do. We truck the  red cedar logs in to the cedar sawmill to cut red cedar cants for export and export veneer red cedar, all so export red cedar saw logs. the red cedar tree grows wild. it can be logged at 6 or 8 inches at the small end. with the red cedar trees you can log off a track of timber every 12 to 15 years and do well for it. We have been cutting cedar lumber for a lot of years.. we have red cedar lumber is 1 by 4 , 1 by 6, 2 by 4, 6x6 7x7 8x8 and so on in stock. we can custom cut to your size at no extra cost when buying a 500 foot lot. our cedar lumber is number #1 . we have cut a lot of cedar logs. we have cut a lot of red cedar logs that were 2 and 3 foot across the small end but the biggest of them all was the grand daddy of the all a eastern red cedar log 4 foot across the small end at 8 foot 6 inches had 200 growth rings in it. That red cedar log and a lot more went for red cedar export. the red cedar import and export business is a large deal here in the USA and abroad the world. we have export red cedar , white oak, red oak and black walnut over the world. Nothing goes unused with red cedar. the cedar logs in to cabin, cant and lumber. the red cedar saw dust in to cow and horse bedding or cedar oil. the cedar slabs in to cedar mulch for around the house and office. the tops from 3 inch to 8 inch get cut into 16 inch peices for cedar cordwood homes.  red cedar fence pickets Eastern Red Cedar