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Eastern Red Cedar Cabins are made in a number of ways. one way is the whole log with the ends knoched with a satle so the log would not role and the log would tuch each other in the center and a checking substunce would be put in the air hole of the eastern red cedar cabins

another way is tohave the cedar log sawed on 3 sides and you will have 1 side left round to face the out side.. the inside of the cabin will be finished and looking good.

some people have all 4 sides cut in the cedar saw mill and have a flat in side and flat out side ready to finish. most of the cedar logs are 5 x 6 or larger.

you can all so  stud up your cabin with 2x4s and use 1 x 6 lap siding or z-max toung and grove siding.. this way is a little cheaper on the pocket book.

a lot of people build the eastern red cedar cabin out of cord wood, it is cut 16" and stacked using concret inbetween the round sticks,

any way you build the cedar cabin you will love it,


Eastern Red Cedar Cants